Guided Meditation
a Popular Meditation Practice

Guided meditation is one of the empowering personal development techniques I use myself and suggest to others. A guided meditation is one in which a voice is used to lead the process. The voice can be your own or someone else's. Some folks feel more relaxed or more clear as a result of guidance and support of another's voice. This is especially helpful for those who are just beginning to meditate.

Meditations with guidance by Jeanie Marshall

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Here are a few helpful guidelines. A soothing voice is more conducive to a meditative state than a harsh one. Simplicity is more helpful than complex words or complicated ideas. A slow pace, rather than a fast cadence, tends to foster greater depth. A regular meditation practice is helpful for going deeper in any one session.

Enhancing Your Guided Meditations

Here are suggestions for the most effective guided meditations or guided visualizations, whether you wish to lead others verbally, or you wish to benefit the most from being guided by someone else, or you wish to guide yourself.

Align with the Divine. When you're aware of your higher consciousness, words flow through you when you speak. Or perhaps they do not flow through you, in which case, silence is a perfect condition. It is equally as important to align with the divine when you are being guided by others so that you connect with your inner self, regardless of the words chosen.

Establish Intention. A guided meditation that begins with a specific intention, and especially a written intention, will find perfect rhythm, sound, and depth, regardless of the spoken words. The best statements of intention are simple and broad, like "to relax" or "to align with the divine" or "to be more aware" or "for a greater sense of well being."

Be Present. New meditators are often concerned with "getting the words right." However, a satisfying guided meditation is deeper than words. Showing up fully will do more for lifting consciousness than a well-edited guided meditation script.

Breathe. Breathe and/or instruct others to breathe to enhance grounding and relaxation. Some meditation teachers have rules about breathing. I keep in simple: breathe in and breathe out. And notice. Breath in and breath out again. And notice.

Be Conscious of Energy. You may see energy or feel it or sense it or know what is happening energetically. If you feel confusion, invite clarity to be present. If you sense resistance, give your attention to safety or ease or comfort or relaxation. Invite into your energy field the essence you want to feel.

Honor Both Uniqueness and Universality. If you guide others into a meditative state, remember that individuals are unique beings with their own set of beliefs which are not to be undermined, but honored. The deeper you move into a meditative state, the more universal are the experiences, with space for each to have his or her own unique expression.

Let go of Expectations of End Results. Sometimes you might get fixated on how you think things "should be" and miss living right now. A guided inner experience can provide power to open to new possibilities, if you just show up for the experience. Be present. Be here now to live the moment.

Feel and Express Gratitude. It's a joy to do inner work, which usually prompts you to greater and greater gratitude. Gratitude is a powerful consciousness from which to live and to express outwardly.

Live in the Consciousness of Loving Kindness. Sometimes when you're moving through your daily life, you might forget the calmness of a meditation. It's important to train yourself to live this calmness and joy beyond the meditative session.

Practice, Practice, Practice. It's important to practice until meditation is part of your life style. If one approach feels good one day and another another day, then you're trusting your own inner guidance if you shift from one method to another.

Practice like the Butterfly

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