The Power of Intention Increases
When You Write It

A Self Development Technique

The power of intention is magnified when you write a statement to reflect your intention. I consider that one of the most important principles of personal development and growth is to identify an intention; and that one of the most important techniques related to this principle is to write a statement of intention.

I work with intention, and especially good intention and positive intention, in all aspects of my work. I frequently express the importance of identifying intention with my clients. I also advocate writing down a statement of intention. Such conversations help my clients to experience the power of intention in their lives.

I find a technique is useful until it is no longer needed because the corresponding principle is embodied. I identify and/or write a statement of my own intention for being with my clients so that I provide a space for them to move as they need or want. I consider that how I am with my clients is far more important than what I do or say. My positive intention with my clients is to be fully present, engaged, and listening at all levels.

What is Intention?

An intention exists for every thought and every action. It's a given. There's no question whether or not an intention exists; the question is, what is the intention? When you know what the intention is, that knowledge alone activates the power of intention.

You might even consider that an intention is the thought behind a thought, or the thought that powers a thought. It can be very enlightening and powerful to bring your intention to the surface after an event. It is even more enlightening and powerful to create a positive intention before an event so that the identified intention guides you in more empowering actions.

If you set a positive intention that you be "open and appreciative" in a certain situation, you have directed yourself to be in a particular consciousness. This good intention suggests certain actions; however, no specific actions are necessary in order to be in a particular consciousness or attitude. Actions follow intention naturally. And actions follow intention, whether you're aware of the intention or not. With that in mind, you can empower yourself when you develop positive and good intentions so that positive and empowering actions follow.

Increase the Power of Intention: Write It

Writing Intention

The act of writing a few words or a complete sentence helps to focus attention more effectively than just thinking about an intention. I often recommend this technique to clients. Some clients tell me that they feel more accountable to themselves when they take a few seconds to write words that capture a positive intention. That's an important aspect of the power of intention and how it relates to actions.

Here are a few examples of Positive and Good Intention. Notice the simplicity. You will find it easier to remember a few words than a complex sentence. Notice the focus. You want to inspire yourself about a way of being in your intention, rather than to delineate specific actions or end results.

  • To feel free.
  • To approach this situation with openness and eagerness.
  • With love in my heart.
  • Open and appreciative.
  • Fully engaged in the present moment.
  • Seeking balance.

An Example of Writing an Intention for a Meeting

After I suggested the technique of writing an intention to one client (Timothy), he began to write down a positive intention statement or phrase for each meeting, whether he was its leader, a participant, or an observer. When he was responsible for leading meetings, he knew he could manage certain aspects of the meeting to keep it on track and in alignment with his good intention. At those times, he became aware of blending and checking his way of being (consciousness) and his ways of doing (actions).

However, Timothy’s deeper realization of the impact of this technique of writing his intention came during the meetings when he didn't even speak. He wrote his few words on a pad of paper and kept the pad so he could see it but no one else could. He watched in awe as the groups of people who had been meeting together regularly for years began to change positively during one or two meetings. He noticed that they were more communicative, open, responsive, engaged, and productive. He experienced for himself the power of intention by watching the results.

I first introduced the importance of identifying and writing attention to Timothy several years ago. I recently had a conversation with him. He tells me that now identifying a positive intention is so embodied into his professional and personal life that he rarely writes it down. He does write a powerful intention statement, though, when a situation is particularly challenging or important to him.

Write Your Own Statement of Intention

In addition to the few examples above, you'll also find some examples of Positive Statements of Intention in "Journey with the Power of Intention" in our Self Improvement Articles Section and some related ideas in Set Your Goals Again and Again. If you have any difficulty getting started in writing, you may just need to find a bridge to the intention that truly serves you.

The steps to write your Positive Intention to make it more empowering are very simple:

  1. Identify the subject or situation (for example, on a phone call with someone).
  2. Think about how you want to be (for example, loving, open, friendly, confident).
  3. Start to write (just make an attempt; write a lot or write a little).
  4. Create a brief intention (for example a phrase or just a word that represents your intention).
  5. Ask yourself if your written intention is positive and compelling (for example, do you feel inspired or clear or relieved?).

To become proficient at this, you need to practice. The best practice is to identify a wide variety of subjects or situations, little and big, emotional and neutral, fun and serious, at work and at play. Some will be so easy that it might seem strange to write them down; however, you will understand the process and get very good at it if you practice on both easy and challenging situations. Then watch — watch the power of intention in all aspects of your life.

Remember, Keep it Supremely Simple (KISS)

Exploring Butterfly

Please, do not make this difficult. Keep it supremely simple. Understanding the power of intention is extremely important to your personal development and interpersonal relationships, but just having the intention to have a positive intention can be very effective! Be as precise as you can be in your language, but don't spend all your time wordsmithing your intention. Choose some good words that appeal to you and live your life.

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This Technique is about the Power of Intention when You Write it

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