Self Development Techniques
to Encourage and Empower You

A "Self Development Technique" is an activity you practice intentionally that enhances your personal development, growth, and wellbeing. It's an action you repeat, rather than do just once, so it needs to be understandable, easy, enjoyable, and encouraging. It needs to be comfortable or natural enough that you'll practice it, yet different enough from what you usually do in order to assist you in making a positive change toward self improvement.

Using a Self Development Technique

Problems can be a powerful impetus for starting a personal growth program or seeking a technique. While it's not necessary that you have a "problem" to practice a technique that encourages your growth and development, it is important that you identify a subject and an intention. When you practice a particular technique in one area of your life, you will likely find that it's applicable to and improves other areas of your life. If not, you can easily find another empowering technique that will work for you.

An effective Personal Development Technique for you is one which helps you to feel more empowered, more efficient, more effective, more inspired, and/or more encouraged. One that is ideal for someone else may miss your own needs; one that is ideal for you may miss someone else's needs.

If you have a process or plan for your life's improvement, you will be more likely to find the right Personal Development Techniques for you. To be useful, your process or plan will be constantly evolving, and the techniques will as well.

Subject or Focus for a Self Development Technique

A "Subject" is the area you want to change; it is the focus of your attention for the technique that you choose. It may be general or specific. Examples of general subjects are family, work, health, money, relationships. Examples of specific subjects are relationship with Todd, tomorrow's staff meeting, regular exercise.

Identifying one subject encourages you to focus on it rather than on multiple situations. Of course, all the subjects in your life interrelate, but when you can focus on just one segment at a time, you will enhance and improve all the other segments as well.

Intention for Your Own Techniques

Plant Your Intention

"Intention" is the basis for each thought you think and each action you take. I like to think of it as the thought behind the thought or the thought that propels the action. Intention is the starting place in your mind. You may be aware of your intention or not. As you explore this web site, you will find that I often encourage you to be more intentional about intention.

Intention is broader than a goal. A goal is important; it is simply more specific than intention. Desired results are also helpful to identify; again, they are more specific than intention. It’s important to find the proper level of specificity, as you want to be focused enough, without limiting the Universe to deliver what you truly desire.

Specific Self Development Techniques

Here are Self Development Techniques to date:

I will be publishing additional techniques for Self Development online as soon as possible, such as:

  • Let Nature Teach You
  • Look for the Joy in Every Experience
  • Leverage Your Accomplishments
  • Find New Ways to do Required or Mundane Tasks
  • Enhance Your Relationship with Money
  • Select and Use a Metaphor to Guide You


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