Building Self Confidence:
Describe Your Empowerment Stance

A Self Development Technique

Building self confidence is a daily, ongoing opportunity for personal development. When you feel down on yourself, you can lift yourself up to a height that's greater than before.

The Stance of Empowerment

Confidence of Feeling Good Guided Meditation

Your stance reflects your consciousness. When you're empowered, you stand (sit, talk, think, sleep, etc.) in a way that's different from when you're disempowered or grumpy or frustrated. When you're in that disempowered state or stance, it's very difficult to remember what it's like to be or feel or act self confident. This self development technique will help you to remember, or perhaps more accurately, will provide you with a path to lead you back to the feeling of empowerment and self confidence, or any other feeling you want to feel.

Define and Describe Your Empowerment Stance

Here's the best way I know to describe your empowerment stance authentically. The next time you're feeling truly empowered, enthusiastic, and filled with self confidence, write down all the dynamics you can think of to describe and define the feelings and dynamics.

Often when people are upbeat in a wonderful and empowering way, they think that they don't need to write down what it feels like -- they feel so great and believe they won't forget. Or some might think it's just an annoying personal growth or self confidence building exercise.

Remember, though, the distance between empowerment and disempowerment is the same as between disempowerment and empowerment. When you're in one mood or consciousness, it can be very hard to conceive of the other place. That distance between those two feelings is precisely why I've developed this technique.

Write it Down

I also recommend that you do more than just think about this. I recommend you write a description, especially if you're serious about your personal development growth.

Writing focuses you. If you really want to practice this approach to building self confidence, write it down. You might find it helpful to synthesize all the points and highlight a few key words. Then, at another time, when you feel off balance or confused or hooked into a pattern of yesteryears, find your 3X5 card or stickie note and remember or read or talk yourself into your empowerment stance. Feel the kinds of feelings and sensations and dynamics that you wrote when you were feeling empowered and confident.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Here are some questions to assist you in writing your empowerment stance when you want to be building self confidence. While the ideal is to only write this when you're feeling truly empowered and confident, sometimes the act of writing will help you to get into the flow of feeling more empowered. By all means, add to your description over time after being in a variety of situations. If you don't relate to a question, skip over it. Make this fun, not a chore.

Standing up: Notice the position of your feet, the placement of your shoulders, and how flexible you feel. How do you describe the positioning or other sensations?

Walking: Notice your stride, your cadence, your buoyancy. How do you describe these?

Sitting in a comfortable position: Breathe in and out naturally. What do you notice?

Activating your Imagination: Imagine that you're standing in front of a person or a group in your empowerment stance, speaking and engaging in the ways that feel truly empowering. What do you hear? What do you see? What do you feel?

Selecting clothes: Go to (or imagine yourself going to) your clothes closet and selecting the outfit that enhances your feeling of empowerment. What do you choose? How do you feel? What is the texture of the clothing?

Noticing Energy: With your eyes closed, notice how the energy feels as it flows through you -- how does it feel in different parts of your body? What do you notice inside you?

And: Consider any other scenarios that appeal to you. What are the feelings or sensations?

The more clearly you describe these aspects that are most interesting to you, the more you'll find that you're building self confidence as you move from feeling disempowered to feeling more empowered. It isn't necessary to fall into the depths of despair to benefit from building self confidence, you can do it every day. See additional empowering questions you can ask yourself.

Use Words to Assist in Building Self Confidence

Your consciousness is the power that propels you; use language as a tool. Many people advocate saying empowering phrases or positive affirmations even when they don't believe the words. If that works for you, fine, do it. However, I've observed many people who disempower themselves with this practice. I advocate expressing words that you believe because that provides a steady path to embracing what you truly want to believe.

So when you're in the consciousness of your confident, empowered consciousness, you can easily access the words you believe that further empower and encourage you. These are words about feeling good, being confident, loving yourself, enjoying life, feeling strong. Write them down! Put these words with your Empowerment Stance Description. While you may not fully believe them when you read your Empowerment Stance Description when you're disempowered, you can return to the beliefs more easily if you see and read words that you identify with when you're empowered and confident.

Keep in mind, the phrases below are just examples. You don't need to like or use any of them. I present them to show you that simple phrases such as these are the most powerful. Long and convoluted sentences are hard to connect with when you're disempowered or angry or frustrated. Keep it supremely simple.

Building Self Confidence

"I feel good today."

"I'm in the flow."

"I feel confident and eager for life."

"I want the best for everyone."

"It's a Beautiful Morning."

Write Your Description and Keep it Up to Date

Life is always evolving for you. What you describe as an empowerment stance that's building self confidence currently, might not have been effective last year and might not be effective next year. Get in touch with the energy, the images, and the feelings of self confidence and you can find your way back to it when you lose it. And you will lost it from time to time. It's not a big deal to be down and frustrated unless you choose to make it a big deal.

Just find your path to your Empowerment Stance. Look for ways to keep building your self confidence. Enjoy the journey.

This Technique is about Building Self Confidence

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