Personal Coaching and Consulting
with Jeanie Marshall

Personal coaching or consulting or mentioing is a popular way to join together with a professional who supports you in your unique life path. All coaches and consultants have their specialties. It's important that you connect with a coach or consultant with whom you feel a resonance. Either you feel it or you do not. Friends and family can makes suggestions and encourage you, but only you know what works for you.

Those who are drawn to work with me are intelligent, eager to move forward, willing to learn, seeking personal coaching to accelerate their personal development and growth. Many are extremely successful, wanting to accomplish the next goal. Others feel something is missing that prevents them from living joyously even though they have achieved a lot. People know that I'm the proper personal coach/consultant for them without being convinced.

Jeanie Marshall, Personal Coach and Consultant

Jeanie Marshall

I've developed the pages on this web site as well as several other web sites that are described on my About Jeanie Marshall Page. I created my first web site in 1991 as a resource for my existing clients. I openly share my philosophies and beliefs in the writings that I make freely available. If you resonate with them, you'll likely find that I'm a powerful personal mentor for you.

I work with managers, consultants, coaches, trainers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and others who find their way to me. My intention is to provide empowering interactions that foster positive change that's deep and lasting. If you resonate with the ideas expressed here, you'll be inspired by working with me, regardless of your career or your objectives.

For some of my clients, I work as a coach. For others, I work as a consultant. Others see me as a mentor. I don't require my clients to commit to a certain number of sessions, unless they desire such an arrangement. I'm happy to work in a structured coaching relationship, but I don't require this. Why not? Because I was doing personal consulting work long before it became fashionable to call this coaching, long before so many people called themselves coaches.

Together, we create the relationship that works for you, by whatever name you choose to call it.

Jeanie Marshall's Foundational Beliefs

I have a set of beliefs, professional practices, and styles of working with others in personal coaching partnerships. On another page, I've expanded on the following personal beliefs and professional practices so that you can decide if they resonate with you.

  • The Session Time is Just For You
  • Personal Coaching/Consulting is a Collaborative Partnership
  • Your Wisdom is Within You
  • Listening is Key
  • Understanding is Essential; Agreement is Optional
  • Intention is the Basis for Your Actions
  • Personal Development is Fun
  • I Believe in Your Magnificence
  • An Energy Field Connects Us
  • Our Work is 100% Confidential and Private in all ways
  • Your Readiness and Commitment to Yourself

Sessions with Jeanie Marshall

Write Your Intention

Before Your First Session. Your session begins the moment you make an appointment. I work daily with you in the energy field from the setting of the appointment and for 30 days after your appointment. You'll find it extremely helpful to identify and write a Statement of Intention either for your life generally or for our sessions together.

At Our First Session. At the time we've reserved for your session, you telephone me. It's important that you honor the scheduled time. The first session begins with Focused Energy Work, a process I've developed over 25 years of working with individuals and groups. It takes about 20 minutes, is somewhat like a guided meditation, and relaxes and replenishes you. It allows us to start "fresh" with a shared experience.

Following the Focused Energy Work, we co-create the time together. You'll find that I can be extremely helpful to you with a minimum of details, so there's no need to give me a lot of information. Remember, I read energy. Through dialogue, our personal coaching and consulting session evolves by focusing on both general ideas and your specific, real-life experiences. You'll find that the empowering questions I ask you help to open your awareness and move you forward in your thinking and actions.

I generously share strategies, techniques, and tips that are on-target for where you are in the moment we're talking. You'll gain skills that you can apply to all parts of your life, even though you may focus mainly on the subject that prompted you to engage in personal coaching.

The benefits you experience are likely to be very different from the benefits others experience. You are, after all, a unique individual. Typical benefits are increased self awareness and self love, enhanced relationships with others, better decisions, greater happiness and satisfaction, understanding the process of creating your life, living with more empowering thoughts and beliefs, greater confidence, and increased calmness.

Following Our Session. I work energetically with you for 30 days following your personal consulting/coaching session. If you have scheduled another appointment in that period of time, this daily energy alignment continues. the interim between sessions can be a powerful time for spontaneous insights, realizations, and integration.

I Honor Your Rhythm for Sessions

I have a wide range of relationships with my clients. Some clients I've worked with over a 25-year period. Most clients work with me every week for a period of time and then call me when needed either for another series of sessions or for a single session. A few clients work with me just when they want a sounding board or thought partner for a particular topic. Each client is different; each session is different.

If you want to learn and integrate a variety of skills, you need to be prepared to work on a regular basis, at least for a while. The gifts I offer are beyond imparting information; synergy happens that opens you to ideas and possibilities that are new, empowering, and life-changing. It's up to you how much time and effort you want to invest in yourself.

Is this for You?

Only you can decide. If it's right for you, I'll be 100% with you in a supportive partnership. Please contact me for further information.

Take Flight

This Page focuses on Jeanie Marshall's Personal Coaching

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