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Foundational Beliefs for Jeanie Marshall

As a personal coach and consultant, I have a set of core principles and beliefs related to personal consulting. While it's not necessary that you hold all the same beliefs, it's helpful if you have similar beliefs or at least resonate with these. Sometimes just being open to these beliefs or wanting to believe in these ideas is enough. Of course, my words may be different from those you might choose to express similar thoughts, so just catch the essence and pay more attention to your feelings than your intellect.

We don't need to agree, but it's helpful if you have an understanding before engaging my services as a personal coach or consultant.

The Session Time is Just For You

During coaching and consulting sessions I rarely talk about myself or any situation other than yours, as our time together is 100% for you. If you have questions you want to ask about me during a session, I'm pleased to answer. In my writings at this and other web sites, I talk about myself, about experiences in sessions (always camouflaging the individual's identity), and general techniques and process. When we are together on the telephone, the focus is on you.

Personal Coaching/Consulting is a Collaborative Partnership

I join with you in your visions and goals. Sometimes you'll find that I'm most helpful when you're in the process of creating your visions and goals. Sometimes you'll find my personal coaching is most helpful when you're already aware of your visions and goals. Sometimes you'll find my work most helpful when you're mostly living your visions and goals. Trust yourself to know if and when to call me as your personal coach or consultant.

Your Wisdom is Within You

Wisdom in Hand

You already have all the wisdom and power you need within you. My personal coaching and consulting sessions support you in your own development, and perhaps are more appropriately named "self-development consulting" sessions because I help you to tap your wisdom within. I don't empower you or develop you; rather, you empower and develop yourself as a result of our conversations. This consulting leaves you feeling clear and more ready for your next steps, either fired up or calmed down -- and often both at the same time! I help you to tap the wisdom within you.

Listening is Key

One of my greatest assets in the personal coach relationship is listening: listening physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I go to the core of how you express your life mission, visions, and goals through your experiences, energy field, and words. As a result of my deep listening and wisdom, I can assist you to move from where you are to where you want to be.

Understanding is Essential; Agreement is Optional

While I put a high value on mutual understanding, I don't consider that agreement is essential in order for me to be helpful to you. Since you may find that one of my greatest values to you is that I offer a different perspective from yours, you may experience an initial disagreement with something I say. Most of what I say, though, will likely have strong recognition for you, even if you haven't specifically thought about the ideas before. I offer a different perspective.

Intention is the Basis for Your Actions

Your self-determined intention and goals are the basis for our collaborative relationship. If you have difficulty articulating your intention, I will assist you. In the Self Improvement Articles section, I have published The Power of Intention: A Journey and in the Self Development Techniques Section I have published The Power of Intention Increases When You Write It. If the power of intention is a new concept to you, please read these.

Personal Development is Fun

As tough as some situations are that you might find yourself, the way out can be fun, humorous, and exhilarating. I never make fun of you, of course, but I do try to make fun with you when the scenario calls for it. To laugh and smile are elements that can lift your spirits. If you're not ready to laugh, I honor that. My work is play for me.

I Believe in Your Magnificence

My vision of your magnificence can be one of the most important gifts that I give you. You may not be able to catch that vision at certain times in your life, but I will. You may try to convince me of your brokenness, but I will interrupt your process. If I believe in your brokenness, I am of no value to you. So, I hold the vision of your magnificence until you can step into it.

An Energy Field Connects Us

We're all connected by an energy field that is invisible to ordinary eyesight. One of the gifts I bring to the partnership is my ability to read energy. I believe that all effective individuals are sensitive to energy, whether they use the language of energy or not. If you're interested in learning how to read energy accurately, I would be delighted to work with you in that way.

Our Work is 100% Confidential and Anonymous

Not only will I never share information about you with anyone else, I won't mention that you're a client. I often share composite characters and scenarios in my writing to illustrate processes and ideas. Likely, even you won't recognize if I am writing about you, so certainly no one else will either. You may, of course, talk freely about our work, as you choose.

Your Readiness and Commitment to Yourself

To maximize the benefits of working with me as a personal coach, you need to be ready for change, committed to approach the parts of your life you to change in different ways, and willing to focus your time and energy on your change process. You must be willing to let go of old and disempowering stories.

If it's right for you, I'll be 100% with you in a supportive partnership. Be prepared to begin to fly, though, because if you're ready, it will be a transformational journey. Please contact me if your inner guidance prompts you to do so.

Your Development

This focuses on Jeanie Marshall's Foundational Beliefs as a Personal Coach

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