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Many web sites offer writers resources. This section of my web site is especially for Personal Development professionals who write for publication on the Internet. I've discovered that many coaches and consultants have a lot to say, and the Internet is the perfect vehicle for sharing their wisdom, knowledge, and experience.

If you're a Personal Development Coach or Consultant or Speaker or Author, you can apply this information to your own web site or others' web sites. With the increase of accessibility and quantity of article directories, blogs, group blogs, learning communities, social networks. and advanced web technology, you have many ways to share your original content.

Much of the information about writing, publishing, managing web sites, article writing, and providing content is provided by Internet marketers who have practices and suggestions that many professionals find incongruent with their own values. When professionals adopt practices that are out of integrity with their values, they tend to diminish their offerings and/or their professionalism.

What to Expect

In the coming weeks, expect to find here an even greater variety of information. I'll present only a small amount of my own knowledge, which is a even smaller percentage of the information available. In fact, it's overwhelming what's available. My purpose is not to overwhelm you; my purpose is to get you moving in the direction you want to go more easily.

I'll give you some tips and suggestions to help your writing flow, including ebooks you can download free. I'll share some thoughts on blogging which can help you to decide if you'll become a new blogger or a better blogger. The use of web audio and video is expanding rapidly, and I can help you get started in the right direction with audio. In addition, I have information on emailing services, and Internet marketing.



Ready Now:

Article Directories Info

Article Submission Tips

Make Your Knowledge Sell Ebook

Social Networking

Stress Reduction for Personal Development Speakers

Web Tools (Solo Build It!)

Writing to Your Target Audience

So far, I've published techniques for writing articles to submit articles to article directories. Since many Personal Development professional must sometimes speak publicly, I've written some tips on stress reduction. Particularly helpful is the information I've written about web site development and hosting. Make Your Knowledge Sell is an information ebook you can down free (along with other ebooks that are compatible). Writing to Your Target Audience describes an energetic technique to help you to write more effectively for your niche.

A Little Background About Me

Writing Butterfly

I don't have all the answers about writing and publishing on the Internet, but I've been a web content provider for nearly 20 years and I'm knowledgeable about many writers resources. The initial purpose for my entry to the Internet was 100% for making my writing available to others, primarily my existing clients. It was not until about ten minutes after I scheduled my first session with a client who found me on the Internet that it occurred to me that my web site was a marketing tool. I had thought of it as a way to support my existing clients, but not to attract new clients. Over the years, many new clients have found me on the Internet.

Before the web, I was considered a savvy marketer, with a low-key style. I've carried that same approach to the Internet. To me, there's a vast difference between "selling" and "marketing." Marketing means knowing about a potential client or customer and discerning if there's a good match between the needs and my skills. Selling is telling what you want people to buy. I don't consider that "blasting" people with email messages is marketing at all. And it's not even close to providing valuable content to readers.

I've been a Personal Development Consultant and Coach for over 25 years. My specialties have changed over the years, as have my ways of doing business. At heart, I'm a consultant and teacher. I love to write. I love to encourage others in all aspects of their personal growth, including writing. This combination of interests has allowed me to accumulated a variety of writers resources and practical suggestions.

Many of my clients and colleagues are consultants, coaches, managers, entrepreneurs, writers, and other professionals who want to share their wisdom, knowledge, and experience with others. I usually know the right direction to point them, along with writers resources that can make all the difference in starting their writing or keeping it moving.

I'm preparing and carefully selecting information that will assist you in writing, publishing, and distributing your work on the Internet. I'm not a writing coach, but as part of my consulting services, I've helped many people to find the power in their writing and to lead them to writers resources, which, in turn, lead them to still other writers resources.

My Values and Approach on the Internet and in Business

I have a particular perspective. You don't have to agree with it to benefit from the information in this section. However, if you understand some of my values, you'll understand why I advocate certain programs or procedures and omit others. I'll only be specific about my positive recommendations.

I speak only for myself. You must decide your own values and standards. I have no need to persuade you of anything, only to share honestly the writers resources I have found valuable and likely to appeal to other Personal Development professional.

I must be in integrity, in alignment with myself. I write what I know and care about, speaking from first-hand knowledge and with passion. My web site visitors and readers matter to me. Some are already clients with whom I have a relationship, others will become clients, and still others will just read what they want and leave. All are welcome.

Life-long learning has been a driving force for me all my life. The more I learn, the more I realize I don't know. The teacher in me likes to take disparate pieces of information and share them with others in clear and simple ways. I have a deep respect for diversity, so I like to offer a variety of possibilities, though I don't pretend to know all the possibilities. I follow the rules when following them creates order and enhances my relationships with others and myself; I break the rules when my inner guidance tells me that serves a more powerful purpose.

A Variety of Approaches Coexist

This is a big world. Diverse opinions and experiences abound.

Recently I heard an Internet Marketer say that the only reason to have a web site is to make money. He knows lots of tricks and how to play the numbers game. He's one of the Internet's most prolific spammers. His values are very different from mine. We coexist. I simply have different standards of professionalism.

Certainly professionals who provide services to clients can learn from someone who's interested only in making sales or has a different set of values, but it's important that you stay true to your own standards. Follow the publishing, marketing, and writing strategies and resources that work for you; leave the rest for others.

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