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Solo Build It! by SiteSell has been the answer for many professionals who want to build web sites that truly add value to the Internet. Generating a solid income is an important aspect of the experience, essentially guaranteed if you follow the plan.

My Own Story: How I Found Solo Build It!

Skip this part if you have no interest in how I came to find this resource.

I've learned a considerable amount about web sites, hosting services, writing articles, blogging, html. Quite honestly, I know more than I want to know about such things. As a Personal Development Consultant and Writer, I want to spend my time consulting and writing.

I designed this section of this web site in order to impart some knowledge to my clients and colleagues who are Personal Development professionals. Many of these are consultants and coaches and speakers who want to learn ways to write and publish for the Internet. They want to do it without acquiring such expertise that it detracts from their main purpose.

Does that sound like where you are?

I've inspired a number of my clients and visitors to take steps to be successful on the Internet. Now I have the most incredible resource I can share with anyone: Solo Build It! which is also known as SBI! And yes, that is an exclamation point, which is well-deserved punctuation.

Perhaps you're not interested in generating income directly from a web site. As a professional coach or consultant or speaker wanting to write and publish on the Internet, perhaps all your financial needs are met with your consulting or speaking or training practice.

That has certainly been the case for me over the years, since my primary income is my consulting and coaching fees, with additional income generated from publications of all sorts. In the process of having multiple web sites over a considerable period of time, I've generated substantial income from the Internet.

Not all that long ago, I was at the height of overwhelm at trying to keep up with all the Internet-related information -- information that's often conflicting, convoluted, and confusing. Of course, some is also accurate. Sifting through it all was very time consuming. So I was ready for it to be more streamlined. I didn't want to be the one simplifying everything for everyone else, I wanted it to be simpler. I threw up my arms in overwhelm.

The next day, I found SiteSell, which is the name of the company that created Solo Build It! I liked what I saw and heard, asked a few questions, and signed up. I knew it was the best transaction I had ever made on the Internet. When this Empowering Personal Development site went live, I knew that I had simplified my life.

Easiest for First-time and Inexperienced Web Designers

To be perfectly honest, Solo Build It! is easier for those who have never built a web site or who have only built one small web site than it is for long-time web publishers. I've been building my own web sites for over 17 years, so that clearly puts me in the long-time category. I had some un-learning to do, but I must say that I've thoroughly enjoyed the process. I've also found some methods to combine the "traditional" ways of building a web site with the SBI! Way.

Finding all the tools in one place is the unique power of SBI! that only a long-timer can fully comprehend. In addition, the tools are either equal to or better than the outside services available.

SBI! is the most practical solution for anyone -- beginner, intermediate, and advanced. SBI! replaces the technical details, the overwhelm of conflicting recommendations, and acres of material with a wealth of solid, interconnected information, strategies, and tools.

The Attitude I Suggest

Here's the attitude that I suggest for approach Solo Build It! Think of it as a one-semester college course. In fact, SBI! is taught in over 20 colleges and universities as a one-semester course. It takes 3-4 months to learn the material, unless you have nothing else to do. And just like a college course or professional program, you're not expected to practice your craft or put up a shingle until you've graduated or achieved a certain skill level.

Is it possible to take an SBI! web site live in less than 3-4 months? Absolutely! But if you do so without following the process, you'll likely be disappointed. Owners share their stories of trying to take short cuts and then being disappointed.

If you have an urgency for getting a web site online quickly, I suggest you get a domain at GoDaddy and set one up in a matter minutes. At the same time, enroll in the SBI! program. The combination will offer the best of both approaches. You can meet your immediate needs to be online while having a plan to design a site that will attract the proper visitors.

Good Content is Essential

I emphasize the importance of good, solid content. I think it's important to offer quality products and services without bombarding visitors with them. If your web site has the proper foundation, the proper visitors will find you. Why? Because if you have built your site the SBI! way, visitors will come to you because you have what they are looking for. You won't have to coerce people to visit, they will use the search engines to find you. Clients, customers, readers, and colleagues will find you — you won't have to find them.

Good content attracts visitors. In fact, SBI! has developed a process with a visual image that helps you to understand and apply the principles. Solo Build It! guides you through every step of the process.

Content, Traffic, Presell, Monetize

Here is the visual image that is sprinkled all through Solo Build It! materials:

Content Traffic Presell Monetize

All these elements are fully explained in the materials. If you follow the suggestions and do your homework, you'll create a web site that generates income. Make no mistake, you won't have a web site up in a few days, and probably not even in a few weeks. SBI! slows you down so that you take the steps that they know work, the steps that will make you successful.

It's perfectly acceptable to have a web site that does not generate income. There are reasons to have a web site other than making money, for sure. But if you want your web site to make money, SBI! will train you to build it effectively.

Training and Tools

Solo Build It! has an impressive set of tools, resources, support, and service that will help you to succeed. Finding all these resources in one place is extremely cost effective and time efficient. If you're new to this, you might not yet know the value of some of those resources, but they'll be right there for you when you need them, whether you understand them fully or not.

Besides registering and hosting your domain (that's the easy part), Solo Build It! also offers autoresponders, newsletter sending, blogging, web mail, RSS feeds, search engine optimization, ways to make forms and graphics easier to manage, and much more. In addition, SBI! has the most powerful market research tool that exceeds all the others I've heard about ... combined. When you need help from others, an active forum of friendly owners assist you with your questions.

When I first joined, I kept thinking that there must be costs added to the annual fee. I was pleased to be incorrect! One annual fee covers all the training and tools.

Suggested Next Steps

I suggest you take the Video Tour. It gives you a great overview of the process and a demonstration of the type of video used for training. Or watch one of the videos I've placed below, or check these out:

  • Sample SBI Sites show you a variety of designs with a brief testimonial of each design

  • Case Studies are detailed accounts of Individual SBI! owners, in their own words and styles.

  • Long Tail Marketing is the future of small businesses on the Internet. Hear this interview with Chris Anderson.

  • Questions? If you still have a question, here is the best place to get your answer.

Selected Videos

Solo Build It! has an interesting collection of videos to help you to decide if you want to become a member. In addition, video is one of the methods used to help you to learn the system.

The first video is a testimonial from an SBI! owner. the second is the SiteSell owner, Ken Evoy.




This is one of my Favorite Writers Resources: Solo Build It!

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