A Bridge to Intention for a Powerful Statement

An Article By Jeanie Marshall

Getting to intention can sometimes be easy or challenging. Some people speak about intention casually, but not always so easy to get to a statement of intention that is really powerful and meaningful. I talk and write a lot about intention. I consider that Intention is the energy that powers all actions. I like to think of it as the thought behind the thought, or the thought that underpins the words, or the thought that propels actions.

Intention is the starting place in your mind, even if you're not aware of the specific words of the intention statement. You may be aware of your general intention or not. My primary purpose of mentioning intention so frequently is to create more awareness about its significance. I encourage you to be more intentional about intention. Getting to intention sometimes requires a clear definition or other assistance.

Intention is broader than a goal. Goals are wonderful to identify; they are simply more specific than intention. Desired results are also helpful to identify; again, they are more specific than intention. It's important to find the proper level of specificity, as you want to be focused enough, without limiting the Universe to deliver what you truly desire. Just as you need to set goals again and again, you need to identify your intention again and again.

Statement of Intention

After many years of working with people to develop Statements of Intention in a variety of settings and subjects, I've probably met most forms of resistance, questions, and situations. Including resistance to Intention Statements!

Sometimes a Statement of intention just flows, like a river. Other times, it can be difficult to get to the essence of the intention. So whenever you find a challenge in writing a Statement of Intention that's expansive enough for your subject, you might need a bridge (or a boat or a crutch or a ladder; you choose the metaphor).

A Bridge or Link to Intention

Bridge to Intention

You may find that your instinct is to start your Statement of Intention with "I want ..." If so, that may be the perfect bridge for you, a way to help you to get your ideas flowing. Later when you're ready, you can drop that initial phrase. As long as the bridging phrase helps you, keep it; when you no longer need it, you'll find that it just drops away naturally.

As long as you need a bridge to intention, use it joyously and without remorse or defensiveness. When you have a raging river or a messy swamp to cross, a bridge is very helpful. As a metaphor, the bridge serves as a connection between where you are and where you want to be in consciousness.

"I want to be more aligned with myself" can be a powerful statement and a strong intention. However, if you're resonating more with not being in alignment with yourself than being in alignment with yourself, the "I want" can weaken your Statement of Intention. If you use the "I want ..." phrase to guide and direct you, it strengthens your Statement of Intention. It's your choice, and you need to know the difference for you.

A few other examples of bridges to intention that help you to resonate with your Statement of Intention are:

"It will be so wonderful when I ..."
"I am ready to ..."
"I know the power of ..."

Keep the Bridge Simple; Keep the Statement Simple

Yes, keep it supremely simple. I'm a great advocate of writing simple, brief, broad, positive Statements of Intention so that they serve as an umbrella over a variety of subjects and/or actions. When everything is flowing in your life exactly as you want it, identifying and/or writing your intention is likely to be smooth and fluid. Just let the words flow.

Look for a bridge when you need to step over the river or swamp to help you to get into the flow. For example, when you want to make a change in your life, when you want to be certain that you're using your energy properly, when things are not working well, or when you feel blocked or stuck.

A bridge helps you to formulate a positive idea or intention when you're in a less-than-positive mindset. Bridge the gap!

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This Article Helps you to Identify if you Need a Bridge to Intention

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