Balance the Energies

A Focused Energy Work Guided Meditation
By Jeanie Marshall

Do you sometimes feel out of balance?

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Balance the Energies gives you an ideal introduction to the Focused Energy Work Process. Whether you're a beginning or an advanced meditator, you can enjoy new benefits each time you listen. You can use the guided meditation to:

  • Tune into the limitless source of energy available to you at all times
  • Learn a simple, step-by-step discipline for tapping and integrating this energy source effortlessly
  • Find out how to use this powerful, proven Process to balance, expand, and elevate your energy field

With practice, you'll be able to use your heightened awareness and balance to:

  • Make your channels of perception work together to empower you
  • Gear yourself to perform at your peak in any activity
  • Work and play with more focus, joy, and energy
  • Renew and realign yourself at any time during a hectic or stressful day
  • Relax yourself into a quiet meditation or a deep, restorative sleep
  • Recognize other empowering methods to enhance your personal development
  • Make each day an energizing day!

This guided meditation is available as a dual mp3 album. We include the two different versions of the same guided meditation because some people prefer to listen to their own music, other sounds, or no music at all, while others like the music we've chosen to accompany Jeanie's voice.

  • Option 1: Jeanie's voice with meditation and Tranquil by Jack Waldenmaier 20 minutes 23 seconds
  • Option 2: Jeanie's voice with meditation (no background music) 20 minutes 16 seconds

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Balance the Energies
Good News! We expect the MP3 downloads to be available again soon.

Listeners are Saying ...

"This morning as I listened to Jeanie's Guided Meditation Balance the Energies I realized her voice was speaking directly into the center of me and all that I hold sacred, empowering me on many levels. I set my intent during this meditation and have been happily busy since, smoothly following that intent. Thank you, Jeanie, for this beautiful offering to me and all others. I heartily recommend it."

Patricia A. Hamilton, Author, "California Healthy," California, USA

"When you listen to the voice of Jeanie Marshall you can't help but feel relaxed. I have never been one to meditate but with these Balance the Energies guided meditations, it is so easy. I found these to be very focused, which I thought was a big point. Each Guided Meditation comes with 2 options, one with music and one without. I personally prefer the one with music, it was very soothing. Listening to Jeanie tell you how important, special and unique you are, it can only make you feel good. Even if you have never meditated before, like me, you will find yourself listening again and again. If you need to relax, you need this!"

Michelle Dunn, Columnist, Author, New Hampshire, USA

"Jeanie Marshall's Guided Meditation, Balance the Energies, is directed for a person meditating or participating in her Focused Energy work for the first time. The meditation is short (20 minutes) and very appropriate for a beginner. Marshall's gentle voice, with her clear directions, puts the listener at ease. It is obvious that Marshall is using her years of experience with guiding meditations to lead the participant through a positive first time experience. I found myself being lulled by Marshall's voice and immediately went into a deep meditation, actually to a place where it was hard to come out of when directed to do so. This, to me, is the ultimate in meditation and feel I had a very positive experience. I highly recommend this Guided Meditation to any first timer or beginner in meditating."

Irene Watson, Reader Views, Texas, USA

"I have found this Balance the Energies guided meditation, and others by Jeanie Marshall, to be the best on the market. Her high consciousness is evident throughout this guided meditation. While it is certainly appropriate for a beginner, I am definitely not a beginner, and I use this and others by Jeanie anytime and frequently. There is a depth in her voice that carries a healing quality that is far beyond the words spoken. Some people only listen to words, but I have found with this guided meditation that the silence on track 2 and the music on track 1 are also impactful. I meditate on my own, but I meditate more deeply with Jeanie's guidance."

Tom Drake, Executive Coach, California, USA

This Focused Energy Work Guided Meditation is Balance the Energies

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