Finding the Balance in Your Breath

A Focused Energy Work Guided Meditation
By Jeanie Marshall

Do you sometimes feel out of balance?

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Finding the Balance in Your Breath gives you the relaxing break you need to regain your balance and enhance your personal development and success. It does this by:

  • Meeting and honoring you where you are
  • Gently, powerfully reconnecting you with your inner sense of equilibrium and well-being
  • Covering all the elements of the Focused Energy Work Process
  • Emphasizing the key roles that breathing and balance play throughout the Process.

You will discover how, with practice, you can find your balance, especially in your breath. You can use this to:

  • Lift yourself up or calm yourself down
  • Draw in vibrant, life-giving energy and release unwanted energy
  • Become clear about what action or change is optimal in any situation
  • Experience balance, peace, strength, and fulfillment easily and naturally in your daily life
  • Make each day a refreshing day!

This guided meditation is available as a dual mp3 album. We include the two different versions of the same guided meditation because some people prefer to listen to their own music, other sounds, or no music at all, while others prefer the music we've chosen to accompany Jeanie's voice.

  • Option 1: Jeanie's voice with meditation and Music for Awakening the Light Body, Vol 1, by Michael Hammer, 19 minutes, 59 seconds
  • Option 2: Jeanie's voice with meditation (no background music), 19 minutes, 7 seconds

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Finding the Balance in Your Breath
Good News! We expect the MP3 downloads to be available again soon.

Listeners are Saying ...

"Jeanie has done a fine job on this Guided Meditation, Finding the Balance in Your Breath. She has a soothing voice and guides you through the meditation, just sit back and quietly listen to her. I have listened to it several times and each time it brings a new balanced awareness to me. I would highly recommend this Guided Meditation to everyone. I purposely chose this one because "Balance" is what I needed at the time and it certainly has helped me achieve that goal."

Yvonne Phillips, Creative Color Design, Inc., Pennsylvania, USA

"I used this Finding the Balance in Your Breath guided meditation to prepare myself for today's round of sales calls in Los Angeles, something I was trying hard to anticipate with joy. Now, after a half hour with Jeanie and her beautiful voice, and backup music, I am in a very calm and positive state of mind and body, completely ready to meet and enjoy the challenge. In all her meditations, Jeanie uses a winning formula of calming through the breath, accessing our higher self through opening to it, grounding ourselves through our feet to the earth, then accessing the powerful energy coming from there, and all the while she customizes her message to each of the subjects. It works every time for me and I'm very grateful to have these guided meditations in my 'bag of tricks.' I heartily recommend all of Jeanie's guided meditations for consistent, reliable, centering help and inspiration. "

Patricia A. Hamilton, author, "California Healthy," California, USA

"As the title depicts, after meditating to the calming voice of Jeanie Marshall, one can't help but feel balanced. In our fast paced, stressed out, lives I believe this is the best meditation for bringing calmness and serenity to one's life. Taking the time to meditate for the 20 minutes, which this guided meditation provides, will take you from the buzz of the outside world to the quiet inner sanction of the soul. Finding the Balance in Your Breath not only gives calmness but inspiration to continue with the activity at hand. I give this meditation 100% approval for anyone who feels overwhelmed, overworked, and over stressed, and, wants to find the inner peace within. Perfect to do during the break at work. "

Irene Watson, Reader Views, Texas, USA

This Focused Energy Work Meditation is Finding the Balance in Your Breath

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