The Golden Pool of Abundance

A Guided Visualization Meditation
By Jeanie Marshall

Do you sometimes feel out of balance?

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The Golden Pool of Abundance Guided Visualization welcomes you into its wonderful energy and soothing embrace. Come! A marvelous journey awaits you to a most amazing place -- the infinite source of abundance! It is your journey and your source for empowering personal development, so you will:

  • Travel there and experience it however you please
  • Focus on whatever you want more of in your life -- self-worth, financial prosperity, career success, relationships . . . anything you choose
  • Deepen your understanding of the power of imagery and manifestation

You will learn a powerful, systematic process for:

  • Manifesting your heart's desires by resonating with these desires
  • Uniting the natural rhythms of your body with the rhythm of the source of abundance
  • Opening yourself to allow this vast energy source to flow more easily through you
  • Using all your channels of perception to explore, enjoy and resonate with this source
  • Becoming so familiar with every detail of this source that you are able to manifest its boundless abundance in any aspect of your life
  • Enhancing your personal development by leaving behind restrictive patterns, beliefs, or other limitations that have held you back in the past
  • Re-creating your life to include more of whatever makes you feel good!

This guided meditation is available as a dual mp2 album:

  • Option 1: Jeanie's voice with meditation and Breath of Time II by Charles Vald and Soothing Waters by Partners in Rhyme, 38 minutes, 49 seconds
  • Option 2: Jeanie's voice with meditation (no background music), 37 minutes, 13 seconds

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The Golden Pool of Abundance
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Listeners are Saying ...

"If you want to attract abundance you need to use Jeanie Marshall's CD The Golden Pool of Abundance as a part of your meditation. Her voice combined with the music of Charles Vald are perfectly matched. I keep her CD with me and when I am working through different opportunities, I listen to it. The result is clarity of thought and purpose. I recommend it."

S.O. Kokomo, Indiana, LiveWire Consulting Group

"Jeanie Marshall's The Golden Pool of Abundance has given me a new perspective in meditating. I have been a student of meditation for many years, but found myself wanting and needing more from the journey.

The Golden Pool of Abundance warms my heart, settles my mind, and stirs my soul. Jeanie Marshall has a voice that captures and holds my attention. Leads me in the direction that I wish to go, a place of total relaxation and rejuvenation. This guided meditation is akin to a great Love song, I just can't get enough of hearing it! I highly recommend it."

Bea Kunz, Owner, Sage Hill Farms and Vintage Store

"Profoundly relaxing. The background sounds of The Golden Pool of Abundance are beautifully orchestrated and perfectly matched to the narration. You will be transported far away from the cares of the everyday world and come to believe you can manifest something more."

Vera Miller, Author, In Search of a Childhood Song

"WOW! What a powerful experience! What a magnificent journey! The Golden Pool of Abundance is awesome. And yes, you definitely have "The Voice". The music and your voice on CD 1 is perfection. I combined my fountain with your voice on CD 2. Whenever I need a calming moment, I close my eyes and envision the golden pool. I immerse myself in all that it has to offer-peace, energy, power, and clarity. I exit the pool with a renewed sense of energy, focus, and open to the manifestations of the Universe. Long after the CD has ended, I am still sitting in my comfortable place just enjoying the flow of energy, from my head to my toes. Thank you for this wonderful adventure!"

Lisa Frye, Best Selling Author, Be Good To Your Money

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this meditation; on the days that I have listened to it I have been able to make a discernable shift internally to a more abundant perspective.

"In short, the meditation works!"

Dawn McIntyre, Spiritual Coach, Alberta, Canada

"Jeanie Marshall's guided meditation CD The Golden Pool of Abundance is a valuable tool for facilitating deep relaxation and a greater sense of inner tranquility in one's life. I was very impressed with the feeling of serenity and peace I experienced using this CD. Jeanie's soothing voice and the enchanting background music make it easy to reach a meditative state. The Golden Pool of Abundance is a wonderful metaphor for the knowledge that we have access to everything we desire and require in life. If you're searching for a powerful, guided mediation CD, I highly recommend the beautiful Golden Pool of Abundance.

Karen Mueller Bryson, Ph.D., Playwright and Novelist, Arizona, USA

"Do you have infinite abundance in your life? If you don't, a visit to The Golden Pool of Abundance is exactly what you need.

First you will need to decide what you want to attract more of. There are many forms abundance can take, and they don't have to just be more money. More of anything you want can be available to you. If you're not sure what you want, trust the Universe to give you what you most need.

Then take a journey along with Jeanie Marshall to The Golden Pool of Abundance. Immerse yourself in its beauty, energy and power. Swim, play, laugh, and enjoy it. Breathe it in, taste it, feel it. It's there for you to experience whenever you like. The more you can let yourself go and explore its wonder, the more of it you'll have.

Once you've had your fill, you'll be given the opportunity to cast off your lack and limitation and open yourself to all the goodness that awaits you. All that you need is there for you at The Golden Pool of Abundance.

Jeanie Marshall's hypnotic voice magically transports you through this guided visualization. You'll see the wonder and feel the energy of this Golden Pool of Abundance. When you finally return to the world around you, you'll feel refreshed, happy and energized, ready to receive all the goodness the Universe wants to send you.

Alice Berger, Bergers Book Reviews, North Carolina, USA

This Guided Visualization Meditation is The Golden Pool of Abundance

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