Meditation and Peace of Mind

Peace of mind or personal harmony 100% of the time is not possible when you live in the world. In my opinion, it's not even desirable. However, finding peacefulness or living in personal harmony is a powerful intention, worthy to aim for and desire, and essential to achieve on a regular basis. Harmony within yourself is a magnificent state of consciousness and a powerful practice for your personal development.

In a world that's constantly expanding, though, a certain amount of stress and disharmony must exist. The key to personal harmony is how (how, how much, how often) you give your attention to harmony or disharmony. You get to choose. Each decision is a choice.

A Focus on Harmony

The best way to live in a world of harmony is to focus on harmony. You cannot invite harmony into your experience by complaining or arguing or hurting others or pushing against anything you don't like, including disharmony. So, focus your attention on what you want to experience. When your attention is drawn to disharmony, give it no more time or thinking than is absolutely necessary, and put your attention back on harmony.

When you're surrounded by all sorts of problems, you may feel that it's impossible to focus on harmony or pleasant thoughts. But, with practice, you can. The first step is to make a choice to live in harmony as much as possible. After that choice, it becomes easier and easier as long as you keep practicing.

Living in harmony is like being part of a symphony — and knowing you're part of a symphony. At any given time in your section of the symphony there may be momentary disharmony, but all the tones and instruments work together.

Practicing Peace of Mind

Practice is required because feelings take place only in the present moment. It's not that you "achieve" peace of mind or personal harmony and then never experience stress or disharmony again. You must practice, in your thoughts, with your feelings, and through your activities. Now, and then again in the now, and again. Just as you set your goals again and again, you must recognize your consciousness again and again.

In my view, the most important strategies for living in harmony are thinking thoughts that feel good and regular meditation. There are many forms and approaches to meditation, relaxation, and resting the mind from negative thoughts. I advocate different approaches. I think it's healthy to experiment, especially for new meditators. As you experience yourself moving from stress into calmness, you train yourself to move your attention from disharmony to harmony. When you make this shift regularly, you find yourself more in the flow of life.

Peace of Mind Flower

When you wake up smiling and find yourself smiling spontaneously through the day, you know that you've achieved this state of mind, if only in those moments. Being mindful, kind, ready to laugh and listen, and willing to stop to enjoy a flower are indications that you're living a life that resonates with a deep inner smile and personal harmony.


This page focuses on the Peace of Mind that results from Meditation

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