Decisions for Empowering Your Life

An Article By Jeanie Marshall

Marcel Proust on Decisions

In all parts of your life, you must make decisions. Little ones, big ones, monumental ones. Some are so natural that you may not even consider their importance. Decisions are choices which focus your attention. Some are empowering; some are not.

A Higher Vibration

It's not your imagination, there truly is an influx of creative energy. The energy is a lighter, finer vibration. With this energy comes so many ideas and possibilities, requiring that you be more selective than ever in your choices. And with the higher vibration comes its opposite. That is, there is also more of what you do not want. An essential element of empowering personal development is to know the difference and make the choices that enhance your life.

As you continue to gain greater mastery on this physical plane, you're able to make grander and grander choices. It's important to let go of old paradigms of rules and decision-making processes. For example, you might want to let deciding based on fear become obsolete in your experience. Let that be part of an old paradigm, an old way of thinking. Now, that's really something special to look forward to creating!

To live in the new paradigm, you must become more aware, more conscious in all aspects of your life. It's a time of enlightenment, of lightening up, of light. Freedom accompanies enlightenment. Empowering humor lifts you into this higher vibration. Kindness and listening and compassion are also companions in this new paradigm.

Life is a Series of Forks On a Path

Decisions along the page

As you journey in your life, you choose from among many paths and many forks on each path. Side roads can compel and illuminate you or they can discourage you. Some choices lead you to bumpy or curvy experiences, others to smooth and calm ones. Some decisions you make and re-make.

In addition to becoming more conscious of the content of your decisions, become aware of the consciousness during your decision-making process. As you increase your awareness of how you decide and how the actions follow your choices, you can also enhance your understanding of the choice itself.

As you reflect on your own personal experiences over the last three months or so, consider some decisions you've chosen to make. In addition to those you felt you made freely, you may, of course, feel that you were forced to make some of these decisions. Consider how you made those choices. There's no need to over-analyze, just reflect and move forward.

Deciding about Basic Needs

You make conscious choices related to basic needs. . . . . . Where to live. What to eat. How much to eat. Whether or not to lock a door or a drawer. When to sleep. How to spend your money.

In most parts of the world over the last few years, the awareness of life-threatening and/or lifestyle-threatening events or conditions has increased because of the fast technology that magnifies images of even minor events. Dramatic environmental circumstances get your attention and help you to clarify what's important to you. You slow down and re-evaluate when the wind-chill factor is -60° or after an earthquake destroys a bridge on a major route or a hurricane devastates a favorite city.

Deciding about Relationships

You constantly decide about and in relationships; some choices are more conscious than others. . . . . To enter, stay, or leave a personal relationship. Where, when, and how much to give emotionally. When to say "no." How to manage yourself with respect to your boss. Who to trust with confidential information.

Every relationship you engage in has the potential to teach you deeply about yourself. You may decide to seek out a relationship because you're intrigued by the other person, yet you find you discover far more about your relationship with yourself.

Deciding about Livelihood and Lifestyle

Choices related to livelihood and lifestyle can also be made consciously or unconsciously. . . . . . How to balance personal and professional time. How aligned your job is with your life mission and heart's desires. Whether you're ready to give up the drudgery, the struggle. How joy can be brought into all aspects of your life.

You come to earth to realize your magnificence. You're not here by accident (in spite of careless parental comments). You're not here to generate money (in spite of organizational objectives and consensus beliefs). You're here to enjoy life. Whatever you conceive your mission to be, play it out in a joyous way.

The way in which you live — your lifestyle — needs to be in harmony with your mission and heart's desires in order for you to be happy. As the higher vibrations of love and peace integrate with the denser vibrations that you've experienced on the planet, fears drop away. Fear or greed may motivate you to accumulate material possessions, but you live more joyously when you trust that all your needs are provided in the perfect time.

Deciding about Global Issues

You have to make your own personal choices about global issues. . . . . . To see the planet as a living, breathing organism that needs to be nurtured or to see it as broken. How to relate to homelessness, poverty, hunger as global issues rather than isolated, personal issues.

Sometimes you may confuse a global issue with a local or individual one. You may believe that conflict in Northern Ireland or Bosnia or Colombia or Iran is something you must get involved with simply because you know about it from the media, or you may decide to honor their choices and stay focused nearer home. While everyone impacts each other, as an individual you still get to choose where you place your attention so that you create the life you choose.

Deciding about and from Spirit

You make your unique choice about your relationship to the Divine, and most likely you've made and changed your ideas about Spirit already many times in this lifetime. . . . . . In what position to place Spirit or God or a Higher Power. How much of your spiritual life to expose. How much to trust inner guidance.

Humanity is becoming more aware of Spirit. You can no longer hide who you are. It's a powerful, exciting, wondrous time. It's a time to make a choice for Spirit. You are Spirit.

Choices made with the intention that they serve the highest good of all concerned have a rich quality. It's a quality far different from deciding in a state of fear or greed or habit or peer pressure.

Explore and Decide

Clients often ask my advice on a decision facing them. Sometimes I express an opinion; more often I offer a variety of suggestions. And more and more I'm expressing the viewpoint that, "The final decision you make is not nearly as important as the consciousness with which you make this decision." Everything is always changing, so your consciousness as well as all aspects of the current situation and decision will change.

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This Article focuses on Decisions in Your Life

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