Abundance and Prosperity are More than Money

An Article By Jeanie Marshall

Eric Butterworth on Prosperity

Abundance and prosperity and money are three distinct ideas and energies. I've found that it's helpful to be clear about the distinctions. Many people have negative associations with any or all three of these. I believe that you have a right to live fully with and in all three.

The Meanings of Money, Abundance, and Prosperity

Money is a means of exchange. It's energy in the form of coins or wampum or paper as currency. Gold and silver have value — both intrinsic and extrinsic — but paper only represents value. The only power money has is the power we humans give it — and many give it tremendous power, whether they have a lot or a little. Money is more concrete than abundance and prosperity, in that you can touch and see it.

Prosperity means flourishing and thriving. Most people tend to equate prosperity with good fortune, success, and affluence — the good things of life. The energy of prosperity has more of a flow to it than money — listen to the word "prosperity" as you say it out loud and resonate to its vibration. You can feel similar resonance of the words such as flourishing and thriving.

Abundance is an overflowing supply, fullness. The Infinite Source is unlimited beyond human comprehension. I like to think of it as a wellspring of always-available life-giving energy. Abundance resonates with words and ideas like joy and love and wisdom. Abundance is not really of this physical world, although its energy is used to manifest in the physical world. You cannot see abundance; you can only see manifestations of abundance. So, too, you cannot see love or joy or wisdom, but you can have feelings, pictures, and examples of the manifestations. All energy comes from Spirit. And Spirit is abundant, infinite, unlimited.

The Purpose of Money

Unfortunately, many people are so focused on making money that they've lost sight of deeper purposes. Persons in or affiliated with traditional organizations are perhaps particularly adept at this focus on money, or, as the saying goes, "the bottom line." Money is a means of exchange — a convenient method to exchange goods and services.

Energetically, money has the lowest vibration of these three. When fears surround money, the vibration moves to a still lower frequency. You can touch and see money. Myths and cliches about money are plentiful, such as root of all evil, growing on trees, rainy day, buying happiness, and more.

I want to go on record as saying that I like money. I have a good relationship with money. I like earning it, spending it, saving it, giving it, and helping others to feel more abundant and prosperous regardless of how much they have. Years ago, I transformed my relationship and consciousness about money by staying focused on the consciousness of abundance and prosperity. It's not that I'm happy because I have money; I have money because I'm happy. Not everyone with money is happy, for sure. I'm just speaking for myself.

When leading workshops about manifestation, abundance, and prosperity, I used to ask participants what ideas they had to replace money. They worked together in small groups and all come up with essentially the same approach. They started with suggestions that are like having a bartering system, which then transformed into needing a method of keeping track of exchanges, which then returned them to some kind of money system. The power of this exercise was that they understood that the principles of a money system are valid and sound -- their thinking is what must change. By the end of this workshop exercise, the relationship to money transformed significantly and positively for most participants.

When you focus your attention on the world of money as if it is all-powerful, you tend to believe that the only way to generate more money is with money or time or programs or something else that is tangible or measurable. In other words, there is a belief that something "new" can only be created from something that is already created. This is a false belief that's coming to the surface for humanity right now as our money and organizational systems are challenged to look deeper to experience abundance and prosperity in new ways.

Living in Abundance and Prosperity

When you live in the consciousness of abundance and prosperity, you know that you can create more of everything from the Source or Infinite Wellspring. There is no fear in this consciousness. Consider how you feel when you're surrounded by the richness of nature, one of the physical world's manifestations of abundance. Ideas flow. Peace is present. You can more easily touch your own joy. You vibrate to abundance.

In this consciousness, you can be more creative. In this consciousness, you can be replenished and inspired. When you take actions in this consciousness, they are more likely to feed you on all levels of your experience.

Make your changes here in this consciousness. Be in a loving space. Hear the birds sing. Love life. Be happy. The money will follow.

Releasing Fears and Resistance

Fears and resistance and negative thoughts about money are strong in our society. The negativity of the thoughts and feelings is not necessarily in direct proportion to the quantity of money an individual or organization has. Those with considerable financial means often live with more fears and resistance about money than those with modest resources. The usual response to this phenomenon is, "Of course, they have more to lose." I say it goes deeper than that.

Many thoughts about money are embedded deeply in our culture and mindset, often associated with perceptions of self worth, status, influence, abilities, and the like. These dynamics permeate all aspects of society, and impact you in some way, even if you don't personally embrace the specific concept. These dynamics have less negative impact when you lift your vibration and consciousness to appreciate abundance and prosperity, and embrace positive ideas about money.

Fears and resistance about money can be released by surrendering — often a tough concept for those who have been "successful" by the usual standards of society. Releasing fears and resistance is more empowering when you open to wellness and abundance and prosperity, rather than being preoccupied with overcoming sickness and poverty. Being attentive to personal development and growth is another powerful focus of attention. You release by letting go. Relief comes by no longer resisting.

Moving Forward

I know many successful persons who are being challenged to move into and stay in their spiritual knowingness. Those who have been successful and prosperous in the world as it has been must now shift their foundation so that they believe in the Source of their manifested physical things rather than the belief primarily in manifested physical things. Moving forward with confidence requires some thought and planning if you are in a challenging situation, especially about finances.

In your own family or organization or other group, you might consider ways to discuss concepts of abundance and prosperity and togetherness and plenty and love. Here is a simple example: the word "downsizing" is an anti-abundance concept. It is dehumanizing, by the way. Consider, also, that "doing more with less" is a mixed vibration -- do you want "more" or "less"? Consider how you can promote more healthy concepts and clear messages that help you to manifest what you want rather than want you don't want.

The Butterfly is Rich

The dichotomy of wealth and poverty is not merely an issue of distribution, but one of consciousness. Your awareness and acknowledgement of Spirit can help you as well as others. Let's make the move consciously, joyfully, and abundantly. More than enough exists in this world, and the world is constantly expanding.

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This Article focuses on Abundance and Prosperity and Money

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