Personal Development Products

by Jeanie Marshall

Our Products support you in your Empowering Personal Development. If you are looking for our digital products, thank you for your interest. We have decided to stop making those available.

Over the years, I've written many books and articles, and I've recorded many guided meditations and informational talks. On other pages at this web site, you can find many of my writings and techniques available to you free. This page is devoted to items that are available for sale.


Guided Meditations on CD

Balance Your Energy   Balance the Energies

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Finding the Balance in Your Breath   Finding the Balance in Your Breath
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The Confidence of Feeling Good   Confidence of Feeling Good
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Happy Birthday: Celebrating Your Life   Happy Birthday: Celebrating Your Life
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Listen to the Whisper in Your Sleep   Listen to the Whisper in Your Sleep
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The Golden Pool of Abundance   Golden Pool of Abundance
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To Benefit More from these Personal Development Products See:

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